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September 19, 2019

Deep Ellum History Exhibit Opening Reception & Call for Volunteers!
Life in Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor Street
Saturday, September 21, 2019 (during Deep Ellum Open Studios)

The Deep Ellum Community Association proudly presents the Deep Ellum History Project: Exhibit One 1873 – 1929

The first of a series, Exhibit One invites you to experience the history and feel of this vibrant neighborhood from its founding in 1873 through the dawn of the blues era. Discover how Deep Ellum began and how it got its name. See the neighborhood’s original boundaries in detail and learn about the industrial boom that stretched those boundaries with Deep Ellum’s landmark buildings still standing today.

Interested in getting involved in preserving the history of Deep Ellum? Read this message from the Deep Ellum Community Association to learn more about how you can help!

The times they are a-changin’ faster than ever. You may have thought we didn’t pay attention. We did. The history of Deep Ellum is important to you. Deep Ellum needs your help right now. Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s critical to preserve the history, culture, and spirit of Deep Ellum.

The Deep Ellum Community Association in conjunction with the Deep Ellum Foundation is undertaking a massive preservation effort to capture the written and oral history of the neighborhood. Part of this effort is a series of History Exhibits open to the public.

What we need now are volunteers to “adopt” a block in Deep Ellum and help us dig up all the treasures in history for that block—the art, the music, the community—all the golden nuggets and all the seedy underbelly. We have already archived a collection of maps from the area, but we need your help cataloging the intrigue of the neighborhood. Since the walls of these old buildings won’t talk, we need feet on the ground with eyes, ears, and recording devices.

While well-known landmarks include the Knights of Pythias lodge, the Continental Gin building, the Pearlstone grain elevator, and the Sons of Hermann Hall, these are only a tiny portion of the overall story.

We need you to help us fill in the gaps of what we don’t know. We need folks to help us hit the proverbial pavement to scour city records, speak with current and previous building owners, reach out to relatives of historical figures long passed, and weave the tapestry of this rich and diverse neighborhood.

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please respond to [] with your area of expertise (graphics, artwork, writing, social media, or administrative tasks) and your interest in Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum Open Studios
Deep Ellum
Saturday, September 21, 2019

Deep Ellum Open Studios is almost here!!

Deep Ellum has been a haven for artists and those with a creative spirit since its earliest days. Deep Ellum Open Studios is a one day, jam-packed event that is all about celebrating the artistic soul of this special neighborhood through open artist studios, visual arts, an artist-led mural tour, artisan markets, and live muraling from Frank Campagna, JD Moore, Joe Skilz, and Shahla Yma as well as a Deep Ellum history exhibit and Tunnel Vision artist exhibit!

If you are interested in volunteering for the event, you can find more information here!


Do you have a question or want to get involved in the Deep Ellum Community? Send us an email and we'll get right back to you.


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